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Alt Cunningham
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General Information
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A brilliant Netrunner and programmer, she invented the beta version of Soulkiller, a program that would make a digital emulation or copy of a netrunner's mind. Saburo Arasaka kidnapped her, extracted the information from her, and made a more deadly version that would simultaneously fry the netrunner's mind after backing it up, allowing a Sysop to interrogate it at will. They then used it on Alt since she was of no further use to them, but her digital "ghost" broke free into the Net.


Cyberpunk 2013

Stats : (INT=10) (REF=7) (CL=9) (MA=6) (BODY=Average)

Cybermatics : Interface Plugs, Boosted Senses, Gold-plated cyberarm with hidden compartment, Chipped for Marital arts +3

Skills : (Interface +10), (Pistol +2), (Drive +4), (Athletics +5), (Notice +8), (Seduction +7)

Cyberpunk 2020

Stats : (INT=10) (REF=7) (CL=9) (MA=6) (BODY=6)

Cybermatics : Interface Plugs and Gold cyberarm with hidden compartment.

Skills : Same as in cyberpunk 2013 but word Pistol replace with word Handgun.

Possessions : Light Armor jacket, monoknife, Federated Arms X-22 pistol.